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St Thomas Home for Children Provides 24 hour Residential Cares for 60 Orphaned and Vulnerable Children 2-10 years of age.
Support any one of the following:

Daily Care Programme

• Keep the lights on for Children @ R300 per child per month
• Provide linen for a child , a single bed sheet, pillow cases and a mattress protector @ R250 per child or join us and fit the bed out for a child
• Keep Children Safe and Secure – Support 24 Hour Security Services @ R150 per child per month
• Provide toiletries for a child @ R100 per child per month
• Children thrive on Love and Attention of Child Carers – Support 24 Hour Child Care Services
@ R500 per child per month.

Nutritional Care

• Provide a Meal @ R15 per child for 60 children = R900 per meal or join us and provide a nutritionally balanced meal
• Provide a fruit a day @ R2 per child for 60 children = R120 per day or join us and give seasonal fruits for 60 children.

Health Care

• Help transport a chronically ill child to clinic and/or hospital for medical support and treatment @ R150 per return trip per month
• Provide day to day medical supplies for a child at R100 per month

Sport and Recreation

• Create Positive Memories for Child – Sponsor an outing to Beach, Museum or Park @ R150 per child per month
• Sponsor a Sports, Drama or Music Coach at R150 per child per month

Educational Support

• Early Childhood Education gives me the best start in life – Sponsor Pre-School Fees @ R500 per child per month
• Empower a Child– Sponsor a once off Subsidised Educational Assessment for a child with Learning Disabilities @ R1500 per child
• Sponsor Remedial Services for children with learning disabilities and developmental challenges at R500 per month

We also provide

• health care and care for children with chronic illnesses including HIV and AIDS
• therapeutic social work services for children, families and prospective families
• spiritual care,
• social and life skills,
• arts and culture

Please Note

that there are special requirements to interact with our children due to legal requirements. Should you wish to interact with our children, please contact our office for more information.